2100 McReynolds Road, Malibu CA 90265

Note: You can use Google Maps or GPS to get near the ranch but they will not take you all the way so use these directions and map as well.

1) Exit on Kanan Road in Agoura Hills.
2) Go south toward the ocean.
3) 1 mile past the second set of tunnels, turn left (south) on Latigo Canyon Road.
4) Go approximately 4 miles to McReynolds Road at mile marker 4.61.

1) Go thru Malibu, past Pepperdine University.a
2) Turn right (north) on Latigo Canyon Road which is the first right hand turn after the Union 76 gas station after Pepperdine.
3) Go approximately 6 miles to McReynolds Road at mile marker 4.61.

Follow McReynolds Road into the McReynolds Ranch. It is about mile from the beginning of McReynolds Road to the ranch as follows:

1) Going up McReynolds Road, you will first go through a long S curving to the right.
2) On the left after the S curve there is a dirt road which is to be ignored.
3) Continuing on McReynolds Road about another 200' you will see a dirt driveway going off straight ahead with a large Oak tree in the middle of the driveway entrance. Continue to follow the paved McReynolds Road which curves to the right.
4) In about another 100', McReynolds Road changes into a narrow dirt road. There is a McReynolds Road/Mar Vista street sign there. Mar Vista continues as a paved road after a sharp right hand curve and goes between cement posts on each side. DO NOT LEAVE McREYNOLDS ROAD.
5) Continue to follow the narrow dirt McReynolds Road. In about 100' you will pass through a chain gate (2 steel posts with a chain across the road. If you had called ahead (Doug: 310-457-6400 or Greg: 805-906-7258, the chain would be down. Only AT&T cell phones work in this area.) Note that there is a neighbor driveway down off to the right just before the gate.
6) Continue on McReynolds Road. After about another 100' you will come to a fork in the road with a large Yucca in the middle. Follow the right side roadway, up an incline approximately 100' to a power pole on the left and a roadway going off to the right. Continue straight ahead. Do not go uphill to the right.
7) After about another 200' you will come to an area where there is a 3-car garage and usually a lot of things involved in ongoing projects. That is where you will find Doug or Greg if they know you are coming. Do not come unannounced and expect for them to find you.